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After Builders Cleaning Services

A good after building cleaning company can take on any after building cleaning project. Sometimes, the construction project is a brand new development of an entire building. Another case is the renovation of a specific room, is a single family home or a multi-story complex, professional after building cleaners use the same tools, techniques and methodologies to precision clean your project thoroughly and methodically. Wherever you are, know that you can count on a professional after building cleaning service to get your property into spotless showcase shape for turnover back to your client whether they’re moving back in or heading for the Sunday listings.

To sum it up, home cleaning is something that we cannot ignore. You have to make sure that your home remains clean if you want to keep yourself and your family healthy. Cleaning a 3 bedroom house can be a lot of work. Hence, it is best to assign this task to professionals like us. This is because they can perform it in a better and an efficient manner. It is a good idea to compare quotes of different professional cleaners to find the best deal. The cost of cleaning doesn’t matter. In the end, the return you get for your investment is the health of your family is infinitely more valuable.  

A builders clean is the cleaning that is usually carried out when the construction or renovation is underway while an after builders clean is usually carried out after the construction or renovation must have been completed. Final or after builders clean is done before the final handing over to the occupants of the construction or renovation site.

Few examples of what we can do on your property are: 

  • Use of pressure washers to clean interior and exteriors of the building
  • Deep cleaning of all windows frames and window sills
  • Cleaning all light switches and sockets
  • Removing all residue of building materials such as cement, paint etc from floors, frames, windows and any other necessary place
  • Cleaning off dust that might have settled on the walls and other surfaces
  • Deep cleaning all skirting boards, doors and door frames as well as all glass and mirrors
  • Vacuum all carpeted area
  • Deep cleaning and polishing all wooden floors
  • Cleaning all radiators
  • Bathroom / Toilets- Scrub and disinfect toilet, Scrub and disinfect bathroom floors; Clean and remove all lime scale from bath, showers and shower doors; Scrub and de-scale bathroom sinks; wipe all counters and clean mirrors.
  • Bedrooms and Lounge; Dusting, cleaning and polishing all wood furniture, scrub, bath and polish hard floors.
  • Deep cleaning of window from both inside and outside
  • Kitchen area; remove all lime scales and wash down all wash hand basins, lean in, out and top of all cupboards, freezers, dishwashers, washing machines, ovens and hobs.
  • Polishing of all kitchen appliances
  • Cleaning all common areas such as lobby, car park, corridors, and lifts

Builders Cleaning for Commercial Offices

Among the commercial premises and offices in south England, our builders cleaning is known as one of the top-notch service. Our teams work well together and we can clean very large commercial offices quickly. We find there are constant commercial improvements occurring in this area. Hence, customers call us to clean up after the builders. In today’s world people have high expectations and focus the importance of delivery excellence. Hence, we can assure that you will receive a premium quality of builders cleaning from us. We provide a clean site upon completion for both domestic and commercial clients.

Some business owners tend to look for serious cleaning in order to open for business. This often occurs after undergoing an expensive fit outs of a building. Hence, this is when Alpine Cleaning Management can assist and we are happy to provide full builders cleaning.

Phone or email us to discuss in detail your specific requirements and the current situation you need to resolve. We promise to act honestly with integrity in order to give you peace of mind. We ensure that you are dealing with a professional builders cleaner. The mess at your property after building will soon disappear once we provide your cleaning service in Northampton, Brackley, Milton Keynes or Buckinghamshire.

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